Flagship Grill Pan

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The Flagship Grill Pan is not just centuries proven cast iron artistry; it embodies a reflection of our evolving life style and eating habits in a one of a kind cooking tool!

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Flagship Grill removes excessive moisture and fat and creates the full effect of outdoor grilling.

It’s made from ecologically clean cast iron and pre-seasoned with pure organic vegetable oils.

Flagship Grill drains fat and grease outside of the grill’s cooking area, providing a much healthier lower-cholesterol meal with better taste.

Flagship Grill Pan: two unique iron-stamp patterns available: the Old Glory and the Mountain Springs.

Flagship Grill Pan is not your average cast iron skillet, its scientifically engineered and tested all around.

We’ve chosen a size reflective of the most popular #8 skillets that easily fit practically any gas or electric stove. It weighs approximately 7 lbs., providing an ideal balance between efficient, even grilling and comfortable handling. It comes pre-seasoned and ready to be used on any type of stove, including gas, electrical or induction. It also could be put into any type of oven or used on an open fire.


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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 2 in
Ornament design

The Old Glory, Mountain Springs