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Avantechs Inc. is a multi-disciplinary research and development (R&D) consulting company with the primary focus in aerodynamics of turbulence and remote sensing of turbulent flows. Our team of leading scientists and highly qualified engineers has extensive experience in developing and testing innovative products, performing thorough theoretical analysis and laboratory and field tests, and gathering and analyzing research data. The team has supported a variety of R&D projects for the Federal Aviation Administration, the NAVY, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Air Force Research Laboratory in the areas of aviation safety in turbulent atmosphere and innovative signal processing methods and algorithms for phased array radars. We have hundreds of scientific publications and multiple patents in measurement, analysis and active control of turbulent flows, signal processing for remote sensors, and reduction in aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption for motor vehicles.

Avantechs Inc. executed extensive theoretical analysis and wind tunnel tests to design VorBlade™ vortex generators and study their effect on the drag reduction for bluff bodies. However all quantitative estimates of VorBlade™ benefits for heavy vehicles that we advertise are heavily based on extensive and thorough studies by national research laboratories, leading universities and transportation industry in the US and around the world. The large-scale R&D programs initiated and sponsored by the US Department of Energy and Department of Transportation have been our major and invaluable sources of reliable information. The air drag and fuel consumption breakdowns, detailed statistics of accidents involving heavy trucks, cross wind effects, driver fatigue and air pollution are just examples of information from publicly available reports that have been utilized for evaluating VorBlade™. The information sources are listed in the bibliography section and most of them can be accessed online through provided links.


Vorblade Products Development and Scientific  Background

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