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Avantechs Inc. is a multi-disciplinary research and development (R&D) consulting company with the primary focus in aerodynamics of turbulence and remote sensing of turbulent flows. Our team of leading scientists and highly qualified engineers has extensive experience in developing and testing innovative products, performing thorough theoretical analysis and laboratory and field tests, and gathering and analyzing research data. The team has supported a variety of R&D projects for the Federal Aviation Administration, the NAVY, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Air Force Research Laboratory in the areas of aviation safety in turbulent atmosphere and innovative signal processing methods and algorithms for phased array radars. We have hundreds of scientific publications and multiple patents in measurement, analysis and active control of turbulent flows, signal processing for remote sensors, and reduction in aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption for motor vehicles.

Avantechs Inc. executed extensive theoretical analysis and wind tunnel tests to design VorBlade™ vortex generators and study their effect on the drag reduction for bluff bodies. However all quantitative estimates of VorBlade™ benefits for heavy vehicles that we advertise are heavily based on extensive and thorough studies by national research laboratories, leading universities and transportation industry in the US and around the world. The large-scale R&D programs initiated and sponsored by the US Department of Energy and Department of Transportation have been our major and invaluable sources of reliable information. The air drag and fuel consumption breakdowns, detailed statistics of accidents involving heavy trucks, cross wind effects, driver fatigue and air pollution are just examples of information from publicly available reports that have been utilized for evaluating VorBlade™. The information sources are listed in the bibliography section and most of them can be accessed online through provided links.


Vorblade Products Development and Scientific  Background

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[accordion_toggle title=” Background of VorBlade Development “]Where Does Your Money Go? – Breakdown of truck fuel expenditure into thermal, mechanical and drag-related losses based on studies by DOE, DOT, NASA, trucking industry and others
What Is Aerodynamic Drag? – Definition and brief explanation of physics of air drag
Vehicle aerodynamics – Brief introduction into aerodynamics of a vehicle and the air drag and air lift forces, and overview of research programs by DOE, DOT and others
Physics of aerodynamic drag – Definition of the drag force and drag coefficient, the frontal and rear pressure drag, and several “classic” experimental results
Five tractor – trailer air drag problems – Breakdown of the truck fuel expenditure for five drag-producing volumes using studies by DOE, DOT, trucking industry and others
How Does Cross Wind Affect You? – Brief explanation of harmful effects of cross wind on the truck stability and fuel consumption utilizing research by DOT, DOE and others
How Could Vehicle Aerodynamics Be Improved? – Overview of DOE, DOT and trucking industry studies in reducing air drag of heavy vehicles and fuel-saving technologies developed, tested and recommended in the studies

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[accordion_toggle title=”VorBlade Design and Assessment “]

What is VorBlade? – Theoretical analysis of VorBlade parameters; wind tunnel tests to finalize design of VorBlade and evaluate its drag reduction for bluff bodies
How does VorBlade work? – Basic features of air wakes behind bluff bodies; physical analysis of the VorBlade efficiency in reducing air drag.
How could VorBlade reduce operating expenses? – Evaluation of VorBlade reduction in operating expenses utilizing studies by DOE, DOT, trucking industry, academia and others
How could VorBlade improve driving safety? – Evaluation of the VorBlade improvement in driving safety using studies by DOT, trucking industries, academia and others
How could VorBlade fight cross winds? – Assessment of the VorBlade effectiveness in reducing harmful effects of cross wind based on studies by DOT, NHTSA and others
How could VorBlade help environment? – Estimation of the VorBlade reduction in the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission and hazardous spills using studies by DOE, DOT, EPA and others

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[accordion_toggle title=” VorBlade Road Tests and Technical Specification“]The VorBlade roads tests followed the TMC/SAE Recommended Practice J1321 and the EPA Modifications to SAE J1321; all materials in VorBlade System satisfy the ASTM and ISO standards
How was VorBlade Tested on the Roads? – Description of the class 8 test vehicles, driving procedure, data collection and processing, and analysis of the results
What are VorBlade Specifications? – Dimensions, materials, adhesives, and installation recommendations

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[accordion_toggle title=” Bibliography“]We at Avantechs, Inc. would like to express our deep appreciation to all organizations and people who dedicated their hard work towards the scientific and technical progress and to the better future of mankind. We specifically want to thank people and organizations listed in our bibliography page

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