Save Fuel and become C.A.R.B. Compliant with EPA SmartWay Verified VorBlade Trailer Wing™ System

VorBlade Trailer Wing™


Worried about C.A.R.B. compliance? VorBlade Trailer Wing™ System is the way to go. It meets the CARB minimum 5% requirement for both dry van and reefers trailers. You can improve fuel performance by over 5%  No trailer skirts or any supplemental devices are necessary for full compliance (please see the EPA SmartWay and C.A.R.B. Compliance Conformation letters below on this page). VorBlade Wing™ System is one of the lowest cost and easiest ways to become CARB compliant.

Safety, Comfort and Fuel Savings

VorBlade Trailer Wing™ System with Crosswind Mitigator™ Subsystem was tested to over 8% in fuel savings, over 50% of increase in aerodynamic stability and over 60% of reduction in crosswind detrimental effects. It works best in conjunction with the VorBlade Cab System. Less costly but as effective configurations are also available (please see Cab & Trailer Systems page)



Please click on the picture below to watch a short video about VorBlade Trailer Wing™ Systems. Please also see “What is VorBlade” and “Tech info” pages for more information about our products and aerodynamic drag principles. It might be highly beneficial to combine our trailer and tractor systems for the maximum results.


VorBlade™ Trailer Wing System:

  • One of the lowest cost EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. Compliant Solutions
  • Over 5% improvement in fuel mileage on a typical Class 8 truck
  • No maintenance or driver interactions required
  • Works for both dry vans & reefers with either swing doors or rollup door
  •  Light weight only 50 lbs, and durable (impact and weather resistant)
  • Hard to break but easy to install, only 1 hour for two people
  • All needed hardware and adhesives are included
  • Falls under DOT over width/over length exclusion 23 CFR 658.16



For Retail purchases please click below.  Promotional Pricing is available. For Fleet Quotes and/or Purchases Please contact us via e-mail, contact form or phone.

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Please click on icons below to see our EPA Verification Letter, CARB Compliance Conformation and a link to the EPA SmartWay website page that lists us as the one of the verified aerodynamic technologies in the “Advanced Trailer End Fairings” Category.








Installation Instructions and Specifications:

VorBlade Wing™ System, click here (PDF)
VorBlade Wing™ consists of 6 sections. Each section is 48” long, 6” wide and between 1.6” and 1.8” high

Cross Wind Mitigator™ Subsystem, click here (PDF). The kit consists of 72 individual VorBlade™ units; each one is 4” long, 3.25” wide and 1.5” high.

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