VorBlade™ Products – revolutionary aerodynamic solutions for Trucks, Trailers, Box Trucks or RVs. Our products are designed specifically for the highway conditions.

Going to California? EPA SmartWay Verified VorBlade Trailer Wing™ System is the most economical and the easiest way to become C.A.R.B. Compliant. NO trailer skirts or additional devices are needed.

Please look at our “EPA-CARB Trailer Wing Systems” page for more information and a short video about VorBlade Trailer Wing™ Systems.

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Looking for fuel savings and improved truck aerodynamic stability? Look no further! Get up to 5% in fuel saving and about 50% stability increase with VorBlade™ Truck System!

Please look at “Truck & Trailer Systems” for more information about VorBlade Tractor and Trailer Systems. We also have VorBlade™ System configurations for straight (box) trucks, buses, RVs, pull trailers, vans and even smaller vehicles.

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“I cut through 30 mph winds as if they were not there. I saved about $2500 in fuel over the last year.” Greg L. Owner-operator St. Cloud, MN

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