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Combine the benefits your gain from the VorBlade Tractor System with the full trailer system

If you are a long haul operation, and put lots of miles on your tractor, the biggest part of your operating cost is fuel. VorBlade Full Truck and Trailer System improves fuel economy by as much as 9% or more.

VorBlade vortex generators on the trailer back slice the harmful tornado-like turbulent large scale vortices. They reduce aerodynamic drag by ~55%. This combination includes the Cross Wind Mitigator subsystem. Which dramatically reduces  negative cross wind impacts by 60%. One windy day can cost you more than VorBlade™ System.
Why VorBlade

up to 9% fuel savings
Fastest ROI in the industry less than 90 days for tractor which only has the VorBlade Truck System
The ONLY system that includes Cross Wind Mitigation.
Impact, temperature and UV resistant material. Will not fade or brake with temperature change.
No maintenance required.
Easy to install, templates and adhesives are included.


The system includes: 168 individual  VorBlade units
weight: 24 lbs
Color choices:white, black, blue or red. No additional cost. Will not fade overtime.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 12 in
CAB color


Trailer color


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